A quick update on The Lost Codex . . .

Many of you have emailed, messaged, and tweeted me about how excited you are about my upcoming book, The Lost Codex (Collectors’ Society #4)–thank you! I love hearing from readers, and I am very much looking forward to sharing with you all the last chapter in Alice’s adventures. That said, I wanted to reach out and let you know that the release date of The Lost Codex is being pushed back to August 16, 2016. I have struggled with some health issues over the last year that have impacted my writing, and I refuse to give you guys a rushed book. Instead, I am going to take a bit more time to ensure that Alice’s story is exactly how I want it to be! Thanks for being understanding.

11 Comments on “A quick update on The Lost Codex . . .”

  1. Karen Wengert

    I hope that you are feeling better. I will try & be patient. 😉 It will be as great as the last 3 I’m sure.

  2. Megan Hayes

    We all know it will be well worth the wait! I hope you’re feeling better. We always appreciate your dedication and amazing stories! <3

  3. Jenn Wright

    Hi Heather, I’m sorry to hear you have been having health problems. I hope you are in recovery or at least on the road there.

    This update says the new publication date is August 16. Is that still true?

    1. Heather Lyons

      Hi Jenn! I am afraid I have to push back the release date again. Rest assured, I am hard at work at making Alice’s story the very best it can be. I’ll be updating everyone soon with the new date!

  4. Julie

    Well my birthday is on the 10th and I have had quite the stressful year. This will be a very nice slightly belated birthday present to myself. I’ll ask for silence, tea and my bed so I can fall down the rabbit hole 😉

    -Julie Shilling

  5. Vanessa

    I am not on your newletter. What is the latest on the release?

    Thanks! And I hope you’re feeling better!

  6. Hannah Petterson

    Yay! That’s my birthday. I can’t wait to read it. I’ve hooked so many friends on the collection already! I hope this finds you in good health!

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