album review: she was a boy

so, yael naim’s latest album, she was a boy, was released this last week! filled with lots of fun french flavors (which, as any loyal reader knows, i’m a total sucker for), it’s a lovely album.

some highlights:

* come home – jazzy and light, it’s impossible to resist. insane/how feeling so much shame/will only bring you pain/and i no longer know how to explain/see i’m happy as can be/and you’re my family

* today – a quiet, haunting torch song. the piano in this one is gorgeous. it’s been seven years since i’ve been looking for him/and i’ve been crying for more/today i’m taking back my words/’cause i’ve been judging everybody/so easily/instead, i show you who i am/liar, an angel, a generous egoist, genius, coward

* i try hard – my favorite off the album, it’s dreamy and romantic sounding despite being a sad song. try to see the reasons why/we sacrifice and lie/the reason we continue to deny/i only hear you say/the answer is to pray/but what if that itself is lost today?

* stupid goal – a bit of rock & roll is thrown into this one, along with some bitter anger. why lie/suddenly you feel like you lose control/so you cry and cry/’till every day you’re chasing after stupid goals

* go to the river – i’ve already blogged about this song – go HERE to read more.

here’s a video of yael performing come home:

LA fans, she’ll be performing at hotel cafe on monday, may 16th. interested in going? go HERE to learn more.

you can buy she was a boy HERE.

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