album review: there will be stars

there will be stars, the debut album from polar pop singer-songwriter elisapie isaac, is, at its core, a very laid back listen. there are no insanely angry songs here, nor are there melodies that jar or distort. built around french cabaret and folk themes, the songs found on there will be stars are inherently lovely and a perfect showcase for isaac’s sweet yet, at times, smoky voice. she effortlessly alternates between english, french, and inuktitut throughout the album, but rather than confusing the listener, it only serves to render the songs more charming.

some highlights off of the eleven track album:

* navvaatara – sung in inuktitut, the lead song on the album starts out reminiscent of a classic movie before transitioning into a smooth jazz-tinged ballad. it’s the perfect sort of song for a dinner party.

* butterfly – sung in english, this song is rather sad despite its cheery visage. why why why i don’t know why/i just end up crawling when i try/to say the simple words kiss me goodbye/why why why i don’t know why/always end up crawling when i try/to fly to fly

* out of desperation – there’s a bit of 50’s rock/pop beats after a bluesy intro here that instantly perk up this song sung in both english and inuktitut. it’s guitar lines are very catchy. i might just lose my mind//you‘ve seen all of me baby/and i’m not scared of what may be/anuri ikullaumisimalirmat qaituinnalaurit

* wish song – slow and steady and yet reminiscent of the ocean in how it builds, swells, and retreats, this song is gorgeous. some lyrics are spoken, some sung, but all are utterly honest and touching as elisapie sings of the chances she’s taken. if i never left at all what would i be now?/if i stayed for good who would i be now?/i wish you well/wish you hope/i wish you love and tenderness/i wish you strength/i wish you dreams and happiness

poor sound quality and editing with this live version of wish song, but you can get an idea of how beautiful the song is:

* moi, elise – i am such a sucker for songs sung in french. moi, elise, one of the few tracks not written by isaac, is the perfect sort of french torch song. a bit sad with its minor chords, while telling a story of a siren (possibly during WWII? don’t totally quote me on that one, though), moi, elise is a gentle mix of elisapie’s honeyed vocals with a piano.

here’s the video, which i love:

* do you hear me – lovely, lovely song and the perfect one to end the album with. elisapie’s raw and honest vocals really drive home the plaintive story she tells of appreciation, yearning, and loss. i owe it all to you/for everything you gave/and no one else can ever take your place

it’s not concert footage or an official video (or even unofficial). it’s simply the song set to an (older) album cover. this is the sort of song, though, that doesn’t need flash or images, because the words will do all that for you:

i recently interviewed elisapie – you can read what she had to say about making this album as well as a review of turning my back, off of there will be stars, HERE.

buy there will be stars HERE.

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