bad wine and lemon cake – the jane austen argument

so, i’m piggybacking on yesterday’s post, which was about amanda palmer but had a mention of the jane austen argument. in fact, i’m featuring today one of the songs i put up yesterday, only yesterday’s version featured amanda palmer and this one is pure jane austen argument.

whew. got all that?

i think what’s drawn me to this australian duo is that they are so plaintively earnest with their morosely beautiful piano-anchored music. you’re not going to find blasé lyrics that could be regurgitated out of just any pop singer out there today – no, these lyrics, which can be haunting or caustic, are just as thought-provoking as the music that accompanies them is simple yet lovely.

bad wine and lemon cake is something of an utter delight for me, musically. the version with amanda palmer featured yesterday was great – amanda’s got a great voice that adds a little something-something to it, but this original band version is just so bitterly heartbreaking in its simplicity that it sorts of forces its listener to sort of sit down, hard, and marvel at how it makes you want to tear up even though it has nothing remotely to do with you (or at least, i hope that’s the case!).

i have a little house

close to town, but not to the city

far from home, but near my family

no water views, but so close to the sea

i see

this is how my little life could be…

and i’m filling it with things

like furniture i find on the street

and all the special things i’d like to eat

pictures of people that i’d like to meet

i’ll meet them when i’m orbiting the world…

… and it’s so pretty…

… and so lonely…

my lovely love affairs

are all scheduled ‘round the TV guide

and my sex life has all been plagiarised

in an attempt to meet a harsh deadline…

i’d like to rent-a-wife

then rent a husband to keep her for life

the three of us, we could be so happy

(them with each other, me with company)

i’ll see them off on a flight around the world…

… and it’s so pretty…

… and so lonely…

i could just die

i might just die

… and at my funeral

they will say ‘tom, he was such a nice guy’

‘he went too early, but he went in style’

‘they’ll play my music and then they will cry’

they’ll have a little wake

they’ll drink bad wine and they’ll eat lemon cake

and my mother’s little heart will break

and she’ll say:

‘wait! there must be some mistake

– he can’t be dead

take me instead!!!’

oh but i’m not dead

they tell me i’m not dead

they say that i’m not dead

and i won’t die for some time…

i’m in my little house

just writing little songs to pass the time

which (incidentally) is precisely nine

so don’t you worry, i’m completely fine

i’m fine

i am just so fucking fine

god. see what i mean? so, so heartbreaking.

here’s a video of the band performing the song live. PLUS, it’s got an accordion! so perfect!

buy the birthing pyre, the jane austen argument’s debut EP, HERE. additionally, the band is fundraising for their upcoming LP, somewhere under the rainbow. go HERE to donate to the cause.

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