Beyond The Fray by Cassandra Violet

so, it’s been like FOREVER since i’ve last shared some good tunes with you all outside of my book playlists. and honestly, i really ought to be hiding in my writing cave, finishing up a book i’m under deadline for. but! i still get emails from artists and bands all the time, so maybe i’ll have to find some time to pass along some of the stuff i get with you all still.

to make a long story short (haha), i hopped on the computer tonight all ready to get back to work when i got an email from somebody claiming to be a big fan of mine who wanted me to have a listen to their music. um, well, i honestly have no idea if she’s an actual fan of my books or not (haha), but i did hop on over to her soundcloud link to have a listen (which, for some reason, did not work on my computer) so I threw chance to the wind and downloaded the song.

and guys . . . i totally dig it. and her.

ANYWAY. here are the deets:

cassandra violet is an angeleno native (represent!) who has a indie-folk feel to her music that reminds me in a weird way of a modern mash-up between joni mitchell (ahhh, joni) with a little bit of nanci griffith and/or lucy kaplansky. or maybe that’s just me? long time you readers, you will immediately see why my ears perked up, because there are clap/stomps in beyond the fray. i do love me some clap/stomps something fierce. had violet thrown in a banjo, i might have just clapped like a seal.

fingers crossed that you can get the soundcloud to work better than i . . .


i headed over to violet’s bandcamp site to have a listen to the rest of the EP beyond the fray is from and kind of sort of (okay REALLY) fell in love with sail the ocean. sa-woon. this song will definitely be in my rotation, friends. i obviously ran straight to iTunes and bought it. and i might just be writing to it tonight.

i’d love to be your widow
i’d love to be your wife
and i’d abandon my home in the middle on the night
though i know in my bones
that it’s just not right
i’d sail the ocean

violet will be releasing the beyond the fray EP, along with a brand spankin’ new video for the single, on march 28th. she’ll also be having a show over at the sublime hotel cafe here in LA on the same night at 9pm. i’m bummed i’ll miss it, but i’ll be on a secret trip to research a book i’m working on!

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