So, the last six months have been bananas for me. My debut YA Fantasy/Romance novel A Matter of Fate released in August and was featured on a number of fantastic blogs during a January tour and is just about to set off on another tour hosted by YA Bound here at the end of the month with a bunch of new fantastic blogs. To know that people are reading AMOF and loving it totally blows. My. Mind. If you’ve bought, read, and/or reviewed (or any combination therein) A Matter of Fate, know that I love you. And wish I could give each one of you a cupcake–the good kind, not those nasty little dry ones that you get at the store with sickeningly sweet frosting. But the kind that makes you sigh with happiness each time you take a bite, because that’s how I feel whenever I read your reviews and/or your emails telling me how much you’ve enjoyed my story.

And now, to BIG NEWS!

Today I want to officially announce something super exciting and even better than cupcakes (*gasp*): I am now part of the Inkslinger family! I am so thrilled to know that A Matter of Fate (and the rest of the Fate series, including the upcoming sequel A Matter of Heart) will be in KP Simmon’s capable hands. She will be managing all my PR from now on, including future tours, interviews, book launches, ARC requests, et. al. I cannot tell you how pleased (and relieved!) I am about all of this. KP Simmon is an amazing publicist who helms an amazing PR company (which represents outstanding authors such as KA Tucker and Courtney Cole). I know I have probably abused my fair share of adjectives above, but really. I could not be more excited about this endeavor.

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