close my eyes to see by haroula rose

so, today i want to introduce you to haroula rose, a singer-songwriter highly reminiscent of suzanne vega (and honestly, people–only idiots don’t love the vega). originally from chicago but now la based, rose has a very lovely voice that has the perfect combination of innocence, gentleness, and spunk to instantly draw you into her songs.

have a listen to/download a remix of close my eyes to see by luke top from the soundcloud below:

here’s the video, which is basically a photo slideshow:

BUT WAIT! here’s another song, one that is just honestly so beautiful. say hello to brand new start. i loooooove it. i mean, like lots. i think you will, too. listen to/download it from the bandcamp widget below:

In the evening when the storefronts close
I watch as everybody walks away
But I want to stay
I stare down the empty streets aglow
Wonder at the windows and homes
In the morning kids are off to school
Yellow buses, all the rules remain the same
Stay in line, be kind
Wait your turn but try to win
Be good, like you should
You gotta walk so far
Lose who you are
Fall apart
To get that brand new start
When you meet a stranger down the road
Say hello, but all the same
Don’t get too close
That’s a lesson we’ve all been taught
To protect what you’ve got
And so you stay away
These roads are open and wide
There’s room for everyone to move side by side
So it’s a shame, it’s a pity
In every town or city
That we learn to walk in single file
You gotta walk so far
Lose who you are
Fall apart
To get that brand new start
No one tells you how to grow
They teach you everything but what you need to know

fellow la peeps, you can check out haroula rose at one of the following upcoming shows:

2/7 – Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 1 Cafe
3/1 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe
3/4 – Los Angeles, CA @ Liberation Yog
3/6 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Country Outpost

an EP will be released this spring, with an LP following later in the year. go HERE to buy these open roads, the album both close my eyes and brand new day are from. do yourself a favor and find her (free) cover of peaceful, easy feeling. GAH. LOVE IT.

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