contest! contest! win a signed bookmark!

I got these nifty bookmarks to give to people during book signings and all, but then I got to thinking, I’ve got some really great fans who may not necessarily live near any of said book signings, etc…, who might actually want said bookmark, so I decided to have a little contest here to pass out a few of these bad boys (signed, of course). Right now, I have a limited number of bookmarks on hand, but hopefully I’ll be getting buckets more this summer, and will be able to have a much larger contest later on to pass out much more.

Fancy double-sided bookmarks!

Speaking of swag, I’ll be getting more (i.e. more than just bookmarks) this summer to coincide with book signings/the release of A MATTER OF HEART–which, so soon, right? June 25th? I’m so excited to share this book with y’all. Seriously. 

Oooh, and be on the outlook later this week for the opportunity to buy a signed/personalized paperback of A MATTER OF FATE here on the ol’ Heather website. I’ll let you guys know when that goes live!

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