Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get:

about my books

Q: What does AMOF mean?

AMOF stands for A Matter of Fate.

Q: What kind of book is A Matter of Fate? What about the rest of the Fate series?

AMOF is an Upper Young Adult Urban Fantasy that feels like a Contemporary Romance. The rest of the series is New Adult.

Q: Will there be any more Fate books? I want to know about _____!

I will never say never about the Fate series, but I do not currently have time in my writing schedule to do so. I’ll keep you guys updated if/when I get the fifth companion book written!

Q: Is The Deep End of the Sea Young Adult ala the Percy Jackson series?

No. It’s an Adult Mythological Romance.

Q: Will The Deep End of the Sea have a sequel?

No. But I’m considering companion books set in other mythologies.

Q: Is The Collectors’ Society part of a series?


Q: What kind of books are the Collectors’ Society series?

Adult Fairy Tale that has action, adventure, mystery, and lots and lots of romance.

Q: How many books are in the Collectors’ Society series?

Four books are planned, as well as an encyclopedia.

Q: Will there be a spin-off series, featuring other characters?

See my answer to whether or not there will be another Fate book.

Q: What kind of book is Royal Marriage Market?

It is a Contemporary Romance.

Q: Will you write another book, featuring [any of the secondary characters] from Royal Marriage Market?

See my answer to whether or not there will be another Fate book.


about writing

Q: What do you recommend to a person just starting out with writing?

The best thing to do is write. Then write some more. And then write some more after that. Join a writing group and get feedback on your work. Find beta readers who will be honest with their opinions. If you plan on self-publishing, hire a professional editor and then listen to them.



Q: I am a book blogger and want to review your book/interview you/join a blog tour for one of your books on my site/etc… Can I _______________?

For ARC reviews, interviews, giveaways, guest posts, etc., please contact my publicist Jessica Estep (jestep @ at Inkslinger PR.


about heather

Q: Were you really an archaeologist?

Yup. Loved it and wished I could have worked in the field longer. I’ve been on digs in Great Britain and all over the Western United States.

Q: I thought I read somewhere you’re somewhat of a music junkie?

Uh, yes. If you go back through my blog, you’ll see quite a bit of posts and interviews dedicated to music–especially the indie rock music scene. The stuff coming out of Scotland right now is bananas–it’s almost criminal more people don’t know about some of these artists/bands.

Q: Favorite bands?

Frightened Rabbit, Death Cab for Cutie, and The National are the top three. I won’t miss any of them if they come to town for a show. And if you haven’t had a listen to Amy Seeley yet, please do. She and her piano are divine.

Q: Favorite book(s)?

This is hard, because I have so very many, but here are two that I lovelovelove and will recommend to just about anyone who’s willing to listen: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith and Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Plus, I am an unequivocal Jane Austen freak. I’ve read them all multiple times. FYI, Persuasion is my favorite of those. Poor Anne. Poor Captain Wentworth!

Q: Are you really obsessed with cupcakes?

Sadly, yes. It is my goal to hit the majority of the cupcakeries here in the Los Angeles region. They are truly tasty little bits of happiness, no?

Q: Do you really collect handbags?

Much to my husband’s chagrin, yes. I love me a cute handbag. I have somewhere around forty? I haven’t counted in a long time, which might be a good thing for my poor husband’s sanity.

Q: Who took your author photo(s)?

Nicole Douglass of Day 2 Day Photography and Regina Wamba of Mae I Design.

Q: Who designed your website?

Starling Magic and Whit&Ware