Happy Book Birthday, A MATTER OF HEART!

So, I remember way back when (ahem, last summer), when I decided to publish A MATTER OF FATE, I hoped that readers would be interested enough in Chloe’s story to keep on reading. And sure enough, here I am, with the second book in the Fate series just released. And I am truly humbled and excited that you guys came along on this ride with me.

cover by Carly Stevens

As of right now, A MATTER OF HEART is available at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for ebooks and on Amazon and Createspace for paperbacks. You can find the links below for purchasing. I am hoping to have AMOH available at other sites soon, and will keep you updated.

I’m also adding the official blog tour Rafflecopter contest for signed copies of both A MATTER OF FATE and A MATTER OF HEART. Woo hop! And don’t forget, there’s another contest going where, if you leave an honest review at Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble for A MATTER OF FATE, you can enter to win a signed paperback. Go HERE to learn more about that contest!

A MATTER OF HEART can be found at:

* Amazon ebook

* Amazon paperback

* Createspace paperback

* Barnes & Noble ebook

A MATTER OF FATE is still on sale for $0.99, but only for a very short time!

graphic courtesy of Vilma’s Book Blog

* Amazon ebook

* Barnes & Noble ebook

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