happy banned books week!

so, when i was a teacher, i used to get the common complaints from parents: my kid doesn’t like to do homework. my kid wants more recess. my kid doesn’t like to read. well, i couldn’t do much about the homework bit. frankly, i dislike homework myself (too often it’s assigned for the sake of being assigned, rather than being … Read More

in which troy & abed do an anthro rap

so, i have an undergrad degree in anthropology (with a specialization in archaeology) and used to harbor dreams of spending my adult career life on digs. and then i graduated and got crap jobs in the field that didn’t even pay me enough to cover…well, anything, really. after a strong go at trying to make it work, even at minute … Read More

in which i ruminate on rejection

(in response to the rejectionist’s call for essays detailing WHAT FORM REJECTION MEANS TO ME) so, as the old saying goes, anyone can be a writer. a person simply has to sit down (or stand, if they lean towards that persuasion) and put words to paper (or computer, but let’s not nitpick). but it really takes a special someone to … Read More

in which a concept ablum explores love and identity

so, concept albums have always been intriguing to me, despite being a singles kind of girl. i like the thought that every song goes together, that they serve best when in order, and that each piece is part of a bigger whole. not all albums are like this – in fact, a lot of times when i listen to an … Read More

in which i stress about word counts

so, sometimes the art of writing is frustrating. i’ll be honest. writing itself isn’t frustrating. i know a lot of people talk about writer’s block, and while i do suffer in some regards to it (i really need to have the characters speak to me in order to finish), if i’m stuck on one story i move on to another. … Read More

the force is strong in these two boys

so, this conversation happened yesterday as we drove home. . . andrew: i want to blow my harmonica. me: no – it’s too loud for the car. andrew: i WANT to. NOW. me: well, i want a million dollars. andrew: you no get a million dollars! me: well, that’s true. i’d still like it. andrew: no! NO! no million dollars. … Read More

happy news

so, this week has yielded a couple of nice surprises. first off, some great tv/movie news, via tv guide online – an arrested development movie is in the works and will be in theatres in ’09! oh, how the husband and i loved this quirky tv show! for those of you who never watched arrested development, it’s about the very … Read More