i told you so by teepee

so, here we go again, with yet another another band who tried the whole auto-following thing with me on twitter and then disappeared quickly when i didn’t immediately follow back – which, honestly, makes me both laugh and sigh at the same time.

twitter, friends. it’s an odd duck.

ANYWAY. let’s not be dissauded by this baffling behavior (or, at least, it’s baffling to me) and instead be dazzled by how great a song i told you so by teepee is. it’s a lo-fi gem, all echo-y and shoegaze-y and stark with its guitars and beat but with just the right hint of drum machine and…well, i almost want to say sweetness, because that’s how the bridge-melody comes across, despite the flatness associated with the vocals (and i mean that in a good way). so yeah, sweetness – and it all combines to make a song that literally forces your knee to bounce and your fingers to itch to pick up a guitar.

i’m going to be honest here – i know pretty much close to nil on teepee – the dude (who i believe to be named eric lopez-zareno) has one of those minimalistic websites that gives me very little to work with. so here’s what i know, culled from his website, tumblr, twitter and miami music matters: he’s (they?) is apparently from florida and is at work on his second album.

take that for what you will and then focus on how great i told you so is:

i told you so
don’t stand under that tree
that durian tree

i told you so
don’t touch mary
she’s got a disease

don’t lean on me when you need a body to cry on
i told you so, told you many times.

(mp3) i told you so by teepee

like the song (of course you do. it’s kickin’, isn’t it?)? then go forth and download morals, the album i told you so is off of, for free HERE.

you can also stream the entire album below:

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