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so, the rejectionist has challenged her readers to yet another un-contest. this time, pre-new years resolutions!

the sad fact is, i’m lousy at both making and keeping NYR. however! this next year, it is a goal of mine to actually follow through.

until then, for the month of december, i resolve to:

* write every night. hopefully this will be on my book(s), but if not, i’ll accept blog posts.

* finish editing codename: AMOF to get ready to (re)submit to agents in january. i’ve got to get the word count down, and am on excellent progress without killing the entire cast of characters or plotlines.

* become the quietest member of my house, cat withstanding. in a loud household with four hyper males, plus a dog who likes to bark (if you can call it that!) way too much, i am determined to bring the noise level down, if it’s only just me.
* go on at least 3 date nights. what are those? things that people without kids normally go on. i love my kids, but i miss my date nights.

* go to sprinkles cupcakes, to round out my tour of cupcakeries in the southland.

(buy this print on etsy HERE)
can i do all of these? hopefully.




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