in which a free christmas cd is a happy thing

so! are you done with christmas music yet?

good. (if you said yes *AHEMSCROOGEAHEM* then go ahead and stop reading now)

how would you like a free album with plenty of nifty artists who won’t warble, shriek, or make your ears bleed?


here are the deets: a bunch of indie acts got together and recorded hey, it’s christmas! even better, they’re giving it away to anyone who wants it. sweet!

included are: the oceanauts, eutopian accident, the silver fleece, danny leggett, an introduction to sunshine, socrates perez, jeff vylonis & tia lisanne masek, moon in the morning, tinsley, saskatchewan, mindy and eric steinberg, kyle cox, cole nesmith, and greg perkins.

go HERE to get yourself a copy. (shout outs to the bff who made me aware of this find!)

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