in which a really great song creeps up on me

so, sometimes, there are songs that creep up on me. sure, there are those that flat out hit me and become full-fledged crushes during the very first listen. sometimes those songs stick around for a long time, but sometimes they don’t. and then there are those songs that take their time, appearing every so often in my shuffle playlists. with each play i remind myself: i like this song. there’s a reason i put it on my ipod, but then i kind of forget them until the next go around. and then one day, i catch myself humming the song and realize: oh, i think i love this song after all.

such is the case of katie gray’s set free.

for the longest time, this song flew under the radar on my ipod. even after i did a couple of hours of writing to it (which, later, i was like, HOURS? really? i listened to it for hours and yet can’t remember the name?), it still was a little wallflower. and then i finally gave this song the attention it deserved, and boy, am i glad i did. gray’s voice is sweet yet haunting, her melodies a conglomeration of folk, world-beats, and even classical.

you should have a listen, too. i bet you’ll be just as charmed as i am by it!

there’s a cold fire
there’s a crossfire
and there’s something
inside, inside

and we’ll never, never
make it
and we’ll never, never
break it

until, until

there’s a long game
that’s a wrong chain
and it’s something
we all hide it

and we’ll never, never make it
and we’ll never, never break it
until we learn to see
until we set free

and you got style
and you got grace
and you got the means
to leave that place
but you’ll never, never make it
and you’ll never, never break it

until you learn to see
until you set free

so set free
set free

if we could see that this was all that we need
inside our minds
bodies and souls
we wouldn’t run and we would let go
cause we’d realize
that we had
that we had no control

(mp3) set free by katie gray

buy from far away, the album set free is off of, HERE.

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