in which a song transports its listener to the catalinas

so, today i wanted to share another song by the amazing amy seeley, who loyal readers will remember from two posts in late 2010 which discussed her album plum coulee.

catalinas, a single released before plum coulee, is an interesting mix of folk and techno. it’s got a hypnotic piano beat i really dig, giving the song a unique sound in a field that can often sound too cloyingly similar (techno fans, no hating for that last comment!). and as always, amy’s lyrics are vivid and poetic, bringing you, as a listener, to the very place she’s describing. how fabulous is the line i am prone to dreaming in colors like the shades…of the catalinas?

thunder rolled in this evening
over the desert shore
when lightning struck i saw the color of your eyes
they were lit on fire
tell ya, darlin’ i want more
i am prone to dream in colors like the shades
like the shades of the catalinas

my arms reach to the horizon
under stated sage and sand
what i had hoped to find was buried deep
it was there along
at the base of the catalinas

as of right now, catalinas is being offered for free on amy’s bandcamp site. while you’re there, check out suprisingly so, a very sweet love song that definitely enchants.

interested in more songs by amy seeley? head over to her itunes page HERE.

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