in which a walk through walls takes you back to the 80’s

so, as i’ve said before, i’m a gen-xer. i have no shame admitting i adore music from the 80’s and still listen to it often. and songs that have 80’s bits and pieces to them? love ’em, because it’s like they have the best parts of both worlds.

case in point, kyla la grange’s new single walk through walls. while it’s no erasure or depeche mode or cyndi lauper song (and thank goodness for that!), it’s got just enough of a hint of 80’s beats to make the song a nostalgic treat, like thrifty’s strawberry ice cream on a really warm day (seriously – thrifty’s ice cream was way, way better than any other kind).

la grange, the daughter of a zimbabwean father and a south african mother, has been singing since she was five. she’s got a great voice, strong and clear, that matches the strong guitars and beats found in walk through walls. she and this song remind me of missing persons and berlin, in a very modern way (meaning, no cheesy synths). don’t mistake me – this is no slice o’ 80’s, but it’s going to definitely make gen-xers very happy.

check it out:

Kyla La Grange – Walk Through Walls by Stayloose

kyla will be performing at austin’s SXSW show this year in march. a two song single, including walk through walls, will also be released in march. pre-order it HERE.

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