in which a weighty ghost wants to be set free

so, in full disclosure, i discovered today’s song in a pretty cheesy new syfy show called being human. what the show is about is irrelevant, because i’m not even sure i can handle watching much more of it, but weighty ghost by canadian indie rockers wintersleep, is totally worth a listen.

it’s all about dissatisfaction and feeling uncomfortable in one’s skin, something i think pretty much every person can identify with at some point in their life. i love the imagery in this one, especially the opening line: i got out of bed today, swear to go i couldn’t see my face. what a way to show, rather than tell how a person is breaking down.

i got out of bed today, swear to god i couldn’t see my face
i got out of bed today staring at a ghost
who forgot to float away, didn’t have all that much to say
wouldn’t even tell me his own name
where’d my body go

where oh where’d my body go?
africa or mexico?
where or where’d my body go?
where’d my body go?

have you seen my ghost?
staring at the ground?
have you seen my ghost?
sick of those goddamn clouds

are you some kind of medicine man?
cut the demons out of my head
you can’t kill something that’s already dead
just leave my soul alone
i don’t need no surgery
take those knives away from me
just wanna die in my own body
a ghost just needs a home

(mp3) weighty ghost by wintersleep

here’s a live version of the song:

go HERE to buy music by wintersleep, including welcome to the night sky, the album weighty ghost is off of. go HERE to download their single, new inheritors, for free.

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