in which amy seeley’s new single is fabulous

so, it’s safe to say i’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to amy seeley’s music. she’s super talented singer-songwriter who, for some bizarro reason, isn’t already adored en mass by the entire nation. her tunes are now on pandora, though, so hopefully she’ll start getting some great notice.

just this last week, amy posted about a new song of hers – and it’s good. i mean, really good. highlights of owls has, like all of her other songs, a piano based melody that is truly beautiful. it’s also got a bit of a beat to it and a rather catchy chorus that takes flight and soars to new heights against the rest of the song.

best of all, friends, highlights of owls is f r e e. listen to/download it from the bandcamp link widget below:

why’d you make me like this
came from the owl’s mouth
eyes and heart set on heavier sites

the sky gave its answer
assured and steady
what to make of the things you’re not

near-sighted fault or far-sighted find
no ordinary call
binoculars for eyes

the unsuspecting parts make a perfect whole
count one at a time, the owl’s highlights

all your own

wings, soft like a heartbeat
beak made to feel
oh feeler, find

go HERE to read my interview with amy seeley. then go HERE to buy her latest LP, plum coulee.

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