in which an aglet makes for a stadium anthem song

so, every time the opening strains of a particular cartoon come on in my house, one of my sons shrieks, “IT’S PHINEAS AND FERRRRRBBBBB!!!”

childless peeps out there probably have NO idea what that means. or who those characters are, other than victims of silly names. but those of you who have kids are probably nodding your head thinking: yes, thank god for children’s television that i can watch without feeling my IQ slip another fifty points.

phineas and ferb is a disney XD cartoon by the folks who made the family guy. in a nutshell, it’s about a pair of stepbrothers who like to build amazing things, their sister who obsesses over busting them, their pet platypus who doubles as a secret agent, and a crazy mad scientist hellbent on ruining the tri-state area. the storylines always intersect: perry the platypus bests dr. doofenshmirtz, candace fails to show her mother whatever the boys have been up to in time before its inevitable destruction by doofenshmirtz, and the boys and their friends have a daily adventure of a lifetime. in short, the series is hilarious, filled with double-entendres, adult jokes that manage to still be appropriate for children’s ears, and a catchy song per episode.

ah, the songs. some are so fantastically hilarious and fun that the husband and i can’t help but replay them over and over, even while our kids are yelling at us to knock it off so they can watch the show in peace.

i thought i’d share just one such song with you today. it’s all about raising aglet awareness – wait. you’re wondering what an aglet is? good thing for you, phineas and ferb are ready to explain it to you:

through the eye of a needle,
time to loosen your tongue.
bot a tip how to make ends meet.

A-G-L-E-T, don’t forget it!
gets us all up on our feet, yeah yeah yeah!

we’re tying the world together!
we’re tying the world together!
we’re gonna tie the world together!
we’re gonna tie the world together!
one word at a time!

and in the end the most important thing
is that we never forget,
the end of a shoelace is called the…

the, uh…

candace: wait a minute! it doesn’t matter! i can’t believe i was almost sucked into this!

phineas: i can’t believe you still haven’t learned the word. i mean we spelled it a bunch of times in the song!

too much information,
but keep your eye on the ball.
we’re gonna drive it hard to the hole, yeah!
A-G-L-E-T don’t forget it!
brings us closer to our sole, yeah!
A-G-L-E-T (aglet!) don’t forget it!
we’re gonna tie the world together!
one word at a time!

(mp3) A-G-L-E-T by phineas and ferb

watch phineas and ferb daily on disney XD.

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