in which an author creates and gives away a song made just for a book

so, something that i love about author websites and blogs is how they’ll often post songs that influence their works or are pivotal to scenes. i write to music (god forbid there’s silence – so weird, i just can’t write like that! conversely, i have trouble reading with music. yes, i’m that contradictory).

so, when i went to check out kelly creagh’s website after reading the very intriguing edgar allan poe influenced YA novel nevermore (thanks to a recommendation by very trusty book smugglers), i was delighted to find that a song actually mentioned in the book was available for download! as far as i can tell, the band, cemetery sighs, is actually a front for the author and co. the song, emily not, not gone, is based upon poe’s work, naturally, and hints at what happens in the book.

this, friends, was a pretty cool thing for an author to do. made me all sorts of jealous and wanting to steal the idea when and if any of mine actually get published (not that i’ve actually written any music myself for a single one of my books, though).

for those of you wondering about the book, nevermore was good – creagh has a great writing style, intriguing bit of world building, clever tie into poe’s works, and a killer cliff-hanger that makes me want to demand the sequel ASAP. i liked how the female lead, isobel, was a cheerleader and yet not a bitch (although there was some stereotyping going on with the football players) and the male lead, varen (which, i admit, i giggled at the name) – a snarly goth – had more to him than you initially think.
here’s the song – since it’s varen’s favorite band in the book, it’s safe to say it’s dark, haunting, and ethereal. i can’t talk much more about it, though, without giving away too much of the story!

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