in which bobby tells a story

so, up for listen today is a song called sore spots by bobby. it’s a bit mystical, a bit folky, a bit psychedelic, a bit of a tall tale, and a whole lotta original.

bobby’s got an interesting story to tell:

Bobby first attempted to make contact with Tom Greenberg (Twiglet) at college, but no one really noticed Bobby until everyone had already graduated. He had, in all likelihood, been there since early ’09–a stowaway on Uncle Marth’s back chunk–soaking up all the sick milk he could stick his soft little hands into. When Tom finally did meet him face to face in the Spring of 2010, Bobby became nervous and got sick all over his little brown tap shoes and turned into a mist. He was naught but vapor for a whole month, but soon after that, they fell in together; Tom making tunes to accompany Bobby’s sad dances.

After a few shows put on for the local ghouls down at the rotary club, it was clear Bobby had talent, and Tom started making plans for a BIG SHOW. A group was to be assembled. He got together a few of his college buds that he knew played music. He put Martin Zimmermann (Chunk) on the cans, Paolo Menuez (Pillow) on thweedles, Julian Labat (Crumbles) on low-end, Roby Moulton (Moldy) on wisps and got Molly Sarle (of Mountain Man) to contribute vocally, at the request of Bobby himself. The resulting sound was a swollen lump of blooming, techni-color spores cast adrift on a warm bed of foam.

have a listen to sore spots:

Sore Spores by SickMilk

bobby will be touring with the low anthem and DOM. check ’em out here:

Feb 24: Sixth and I Historic Synagogue- Washington, DC*
Feb 25: First Unitarian Church Sanctuary- Philadelphia, PA*
Feb 26: Brillobox- Pittsburgh, PA*
Feb 28: Lincoln Hall- Chicago, IL*
Mar 4: Old South Church- Boston, MA*
Mar 5: Iron Horse Music Hall- North Hampton, MA (with DOM)
Mar 7: Space Gallery- Portland, ME*
Mar 8: The Bowery Ballroom- New York, NY*

* with The Low Anthem

they’ll also be at SXSW this year.

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