in which bright eyes sings about dichotomies

so, lately, it feels like indie music is finally getting some notice. arcade fire won at the grammys and sent the hipster scene into a frenzy and radiohead (umm…okay, not so indie, but one of those bands all music snobs say they dig) just released a new album, a day early, natch, to the unrestrained excitement of hipsters everywhere. additionally, bright eyes, an off-and-on again beloved indie musician, has released a new album to the delight of hipsters everywhere.

it sounds like i’m making fun of the hipsters, doesn’t it? which is a bit hilarious in itself, because i’ve been accused by many people over the last few years of being one of said hipsters (i think they mean it as an insult). for the record, i don’t see myself as a hipster, but i’m pretty sure, if asked, no hipster would because that would, in itself, be unhipster-like.

but i digress. bright eyes, conor oberst’s front, discussed in much better depth here by the husband, was one of those musicians that was once very trendy to like until it wasn’t. but he’s back now with a new album, and it’s got some really great stuff to offer.

my favorite so far off the album has to be one for you, one for me. it’s all about the dichotomies in society nowadays, and has this interesting talk by karl malone at the end (okay, OKAY. i know it’s not karl malone. but it kind of sound like him, doesn’t it?).

one for the righteous, one for the ruling class
one for the tyrant, one for the slaughtered lamb
one for the struggle, one for the lasting peace
one for you, and one for me

one for the führer, one for his child bride
one for the wedding, one for the suicide
one for the bunker, one for the broadcast booth
one for me, now one for you

how did we get so far away from us?
how did we get so far away?

one for the people, one for the parliament
one for the weary, one for the malcontent
one for the master, one for the protégé
one for you, and one for me

one for the bread lines, one for the billionaires
one for the missing, one for the barely there
one for the certain, one for the real confused
one for me, okay, now one for you

now that we’ve come so far away from us
now that we’ve come too far to say
you and me, you and me that is an awful lie
you and me, you and me that is an awful lie
it’s i and i

download the album’s title and lead single below for free:

buy the people’s key, the album one for me, one for you is off of, HERE.

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