in which cutaways break up, but you should still listen to their music

so, it always makes me a bit sad to find out a band i like splits. i realize it’s just a fact of life in the music business – happens all the time, and all – but still, i can’t help but feel disappointed, like somehow, the world is being robbed of future great music.

such is the case with cutaways (which some of you may or may not formerly know as the bete noires). this band, from ireland, amicably called it quits in mid-2010.

gone or not, i want to share a really fantastic song of theirs with you: what we lost in the process. it totally makes me want to jump up and down while singing it at the top of my lungs. fun fun FUN stuff.

don’t color in
don’t change the shade
there’s a million things that i have to say
got swallowed up and spat back out
in the process we all see so keenly
can’t cut it out completely
keep coming back for more
most second chances are better the first time
and now i know for sure

it’s becoming hard to forget my regrets
soft-centered but bitter when touched on
and the water rised to have a less effect
when trying to lessen the blow
don’t spit her out completely
just chew on a bit more
it’s cool and fake
to make such mistakes
that much i know for sure

the sweetest lies
of a honeyed kind

like the band? you can now get ALL OF THEIR ALBUMS FREE. yes. FREE. head on over to their bandcamp site to download 2007, the album what we lost in the process is off of, for free. and then go to HERE to download their album earth and earthly things. and then HERE for a bunch of previously unreleased stuff.

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