in which dënver sings cute about being young

so, today i want to introduce you to dënver, a cutesy pop-surf duo from chile. comprised of mariana montenegro and milton mahan, dënver is the equivalent of ice cream – sweet and fun. think of this band as techno meets beach jams, and get ready to put them on your summer playlists.

i really dig los adolescentes – it’s almost schizophrenic in its sounds. there’s the grating surf guitar lines, cheesy 80’s synths, the sounds of a tennis ball being hit back and forth, a super sweet soprano voice, and a head-bobbing drum beat.

un día me dices bueno, al otro me dices no sé
un día me dices quiero, al otro me dices tal vez
un día me dices luego, al otro me dices ya ves
un día me dices corto, al otro déjalo crecer

te queda mal ser tan fatal…

and here’s an english translation:
one day you tell me good, next day you tell me i don’t know
one day you tell me you love me, next day you tell me maybe
one day you tell me later, next day you tell me you see
one day you tell me short, next day you tell me let it grow

being mean doesn’t look good on you …

Dënver – Los adolescentes (Radio edit) by SelloCazador

check out the adorable video. it’s got roller skating!

buy música, gramática, gimnasia, the album los adolescentes is off of, HERE.

*english translation thanks to my friend tania. 🙂

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