in which exlovers sing of moth-eaten memories

so, today’s song is an interesting creature filled with conflicting sounds. entitled moth-eaten memories by exlovers, it’s filled with sugar-sweet vocals, loud, grungy guitars, stark angry drums, and a melody that’s a bit confused on whether it ought to be angry or wistful. it’s also got a bridge that brings the song to a halt before kicking it back into high-gear.

sound fascinating? it should, because it is.

exlovers, a quintet from london, have a sound that is reminiscent of the early 90’s – a bit lo-fi in places, somber in tone, yet with enough of a peppy kick that it instantly draws you in. they’ve also got a really subtle boy-girl harmony going in their songs that’s very likable.

well, every wish is your command
you say the strangest things i will never understand
if you see me anymore
then remember me the way i was before

hit the little arrow in the soundcloud below to download moth-eaten memories:

Exlovers – Moth-eaten Memories by Stayloose

now check out the video for their single, blowing kisses:

their recent EP release sold out quickly, but peeps with access to itunes gb, go HERE to buy blowing kisses.

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