in which fotc make for a cheery friday

so, after yesterday’s bummer of a song (excellent, but yes, depressing as all hell), i thought this friday needed a good laugh.

flight of the conchords should serve, right?

ladies of the world (which i fully realize is an ironic and possibly inappropriate choice after showcasing a strong girl band yesterday, but, that’s just how i roll) is…hilarious. absurd. so typically fotc. hard to resist. i mean – how could you? can’t you see the validity in choosing brunettes over fighter jets?

Jerome: ooohhh….ooooh….
i just wanna, i just wanna
Brett: just wanna do something special, for all the ladies in the world
J: oh yes
B: just wanna do somethin’ special
J: Ah
B: for all the ladies in the world
J: is that possible?
B: and the gir-rls
don’t forget them girls
J: caribbean
B: (ladies)
J: parisian
B: (ladies)
J: bolivian
B: (ladies)
J: namibian
B: (ladies)
J: eastern indochinian
B: (ladies)
J: republic of cominican
B: (ladies)
J: amphibian
B: (ladies)
J: presbyterian
B: (ladies)
J: outta sight
B: amazin’ ladies
J: late night
B: hard workin’ ladies
J: erudite
B: brainy ladies
J: hermaphrodite
B: lady-man-ladies
J: oh you sexy hermaphrodite lady-man-ladies
with your sexy lady bits
and your sexy man bits too
even you must be in to you-ooo-ooo
B+J: all the ladies in the world
i wanna get next to you
show you some gratitude
by makin’ love to you, it’s the least we can do…
B+J: if every soldier in the wo-orld
put down his weapon and picked up a woman
what a peaceful world this world would be
B+J: redheads not warheads
blondes not bombs
we’re talkin’ about brunettes not fighter jets
J: oooh oooh it’s got to be sweet 16’s not M-16’s
when will the governments realize it’s got to be funky sexy ladies?
B: i have a vision and all i can see
is all of you with-a all of me
in a world of peace and harmony
where every lady gets a little piece of bret-y
J: i’ve been to paris, wellington and amsterdam
and a wham-bam, merci, danke, thank a-ya ma’m
i don’t care if you’re ugly or you’re skanky or you’re small
i just wanna do a little something special for y’all…
B: just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world
J: oh, all the old ladies
all the cleaning ladies
B: just wanna do something special, for all the ladies in the world
J: all the crazy ladies
B: and the girls
J: all the lazy ladies

(mp3) ladies of the world by flight of the conchords

go ahead. try not to be charmed by these fools:

buy flight of the conchords, the album ladies of the world is off of, HERE.

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