in which i chat with exlovers

so, i recently wrote about exlovers, a grungy-sugar sweet band from london. one of the band members, peter, was nice enough to answer some questions about exlovers for me.

have you met heather: your lyrics (i.e. moth-eaten memories) can come across as very personal. what is the creative process behind your music?

peter: There isn’t really any consistent method that I’m aware of when
writing. I try not to disguise my thoughts or dress up the lyrics too
much and so sometimes it freaks me out a bit to expose these things
about myself. It usually begins with a single phrase or melody. When
it starts becoming coherent and resembles a song it is then added to
and developed by the five of us.

hymh: i think there’s a common misconception nowadays that being in a
band is solely a very glamorous, exciting thing without taking into
consideration the amount of dedication and hard work it takes to
create and perform music. what has the road been like, as a band, so
far for exlovers?

peter: Well it does take a lot of work but if music is something you enjoy
more than anything else then it shouldn’t feel too difficult. I think
we all enjoy touring in different degrees, it also depends on what
state your mind is in. There’s a lot of waiting around when you’re on
tour so you end up spending a lot of time in your own head which for
me can be tricky at times. On the whole though it is something that I
enjoy and miss when I’m not doing it.

hymh: what can listeners look forward to on the horizon for exlovers?

peter: We’ve just finished recording an album, it’s something we’ve been
working towards for a long time now and are really proud of. We’ll
always be looking for new directions musically and will always try to
keep our live shows new and interesting. You never know what’s gonna
happen though.

thanks, peter!

exlovers recently released a limited edition vinyl single of blowing kisses (with a b-side of moth-eaten memories) on the young and lost club record label – but the bummer is, it sold out quickly! for those of you with access to the UK’s itunes, go HERE to buy blowing kisses. for the rest of you, exlovers is currently recording their debut album at rockfield studios in wales which will be released later this year.

until then, download moth-eaten memories below:

Exlovers – Moth-eaten Memories by Stayloose

and stream blowing kisses:

Blowing Kisses by exlovers

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