in which i chat with pink frost

so, after being dazzled by chicago shoegazers pink frost and their very excellent single the sun, i got a chance to ask the band some questions about their history and what’s coming up next for them.

how you met heather: how did pink frost come to be as a band?

mark frost: Adam [Jack Frost, who, along with Busser Dave Frost, make up the trio] and I are co workers. One day in the middle of pouring drinks for people we started talking about what guitars we thought were cool and what bands we liked. We decided to get together and play some music. We ended up having a blast, so we’ve been writing songs together ever since!

hymh: what’s the story behind the name?

mark: Pink Frost is the name of a super rad song from The Chills… It’s all about dying and being sad. For some reason we found that fitting haha.

hymh: i loved your EP. what is the creative process behind your music like?

mark: Adam and I both write the songs…we’ll bring in parts that we’ve been playing with on our own and show each other. We always end up getting excited and coming up with a bunch of ideas, and then all of a sudden they start melting together and our song’s finished.

hymh:you’re currently at work on a new full-length album. how’s that coming along?

mark: The writing of the full length is pretty much finished. We almost have too many songs! Now it’s all about figuring out which ones we want to release and digging into them. We have tons of fun in the studio and can’t wait to get it all finished and ready to listen to.

hymh: any plans to tour?

mark: Yeah! Once we finish the full length we plan on playing out as much as possible, although we’re not entirely sure as to where the shows will be yet… Hopefully everywhere.

thanks, mark! i’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have to offer up next.

you can download pink frost’s eponymous EP for free at their bandcamp site. all three songs are pretty awesome:

head over to the group’s facebook page or their twitter to learn more.

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