in which it’s time to say goodbye to 2010

it’s the end of yet another
year, and i swear,
i’m frustrated
because 2010 is a b l u r.
doesn’t it feel like every year
goes faster and faster
when all you want to do
is make it
crawl –
so you can wrap yourself up,
warm and snug,
in each and every precious moment
with those you love
while doing the things you love
maybe nothing at all.
nothing is really, really nice
because (shh…) it’s really something special
goodbye 2010,
i will look back on you fondly –
(because i’m determined to only see
the good)
hello, 2011
i look forward to discovering
what it is you have to offer
but if i could ask you one thing,
could you be one of the longer years this time around?

find this print HERE.


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