in which it’s wondered if all guys really do love AC/DC

so, my twins are five today. FIVE. and this just freaks me out in a way, because time really moves way too fast when you have kids, or, according to LA times reporter sandy banks in a really insightful article, in general when you get older.

(i will say it’s nice to know it’s not just me who feels this way)

anyways! i thought for today i’d share some music love from my boys’ collection. but first, a story:

early on in our relationship, the husband informed me that there are “guy” bands and “girl” bands. “for instance,” he told me, “AC/DC is the epitome of a guy band. i don’t think there’s a guy out there who doesn’t like them. if they say they don’t, it’s only because they secretly do.”

i found this really interesting, especially since, other than joni mitchell (and maybe, maybe the go-gos), i couldn’t really peg any band or singer solely “girl.” and also, because i was one of those (albeit female) people who secretly dug AC/DC. but he was pretty much right – i’ve yet to meet a guy who, when questioned, tells me he doesn’t like AC/DC. (if you’re one of those mythical creatures, tell me why!)

my boys are no different. the first time they heard an AC/DC song, their eyes went wide. “who is this?” they demanded. “what’s this song called? PLAY IT AGAIN, MOMMY.”

um, this was when they’d just turned 4. and the song was hell’s bells, which i conveniently told them was simply called “bells.” someday they’ll figure out the truth and it’ll be pretty funny.

so, to celebrate their turning five, i’m offering up a couple of videos of the two songs they request the most from AC/DC.

first up is thunderstruck, which, according to the husband, is one of the best songs ever recorded. and seriously? how awesome is the intro?:

and here’s back in black:

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