in which lindi ortega sings of angels

so, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on lindi ortega’s album, little red boots, until june 7th of this year, but i wanted to share a video of one of the songs off said album. angels, which was recorded entirely on ortega’s iphone, is a slice of singer-songwriter-alt-country that highlights lindi’s sweet vocals against twangy guitars.

from lindi’s blog, here’s the genesis of the video:

After my blackberry went bust I decided to get me an iphone, now I still think typing on the iphone is a real son of a bitch, but the apps they offer really make up for my ridiculous texting grammar and nonsensical auto-corrects. Before I knew it, I had a phone… and.. a fancy new camera, a guitar tuner, a gaming device, a voice recorder, and video machine all in one. I started playing around with apps and discovered the super 8 app and thought it looked really cool. Before I knew it I was making ironic little artsy films about squirrels on the front lawn eating peanuts, and then I wondered if I could use that app to make an entire music video. Now, I thought that this was a genius idea and I was going to be getting a genius medal for thinking of it, however, one swift search on youtube and I came across a number of cool iphone music videos, so clearly my idea was not original.. nor genius. HOWEVER, the fact that it had already been done did not deter me. It just made me want to try doing my own, and I figured if those regular folks on youtube can do it.. then why the hell can’t I?

Fast forward to some months later, when I actually had a day to kill and a nice friend to drive me to a snowy graveyard in the “dead” of winter, and there I was, taking footage of head stones and sculptures, whilst constantly apologizing to the bones of the deceased I was walking upon. The song was called Angels, a tune about loneliness, isolation, and wishful, yet morbid, thinking, that maybe in death I could make some friends.. I suppose I could have just as easily called the song Ghosts, but I do have a penchant for winged things. What better place to capture these images then at the ole cemetery.

lindi will be performing two shows in LA this week – up first is a free show at the libertine on april 18th. then she’ll be heading over to LA’s amazing and intimate hotel cafe on april 19th for a 7pm show. go HERE to learn more about the show.

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