in which matthew and the atlas make good use of a banjo

so, here’s what you need to know about matthew and the atlas: they’re pretty awesome. and here’s why – i know i’m constantly harping here on my blog about how underrated the piano is in music nowadays, but matthew and the atlas utilizes the other grossly underused yet great instrument: the banjo.

yes, i said banjo.

and man, do they do it soooo well. a banjo can make or break a song – sometimes it’s so cheesy you can’t help but cringe and wonder if a piece of hay is sticking out of its player’s mouth. but a banjo done right? brilliant. like, chills running up and down your spine, goosebumps on your arms, and a feeling like you’re listening to music magic brilliant.

and that’s what matthew and the atlas does with the banjo.

the first time i heard i will remain, i instantly thought: hand claps! stomps! yes! yes! because i am, if anything, a sucker for stomp/clap songs. but then i noticed the sweet twangs of a banjo, and i never looked back. alluring in that it’s raw and earthy, i will remain picks up its listener and shoves them, headfirst, into the story matthew hegarty and his bandmates craft. the line and i burrowed straight back to you? gah. loooove the imagery.

further from my widowed home
take the road that sets it to the sun
waiting for my skin and bone to return and see what i’ve become
summer has not yet been here though my days are long
take me back to when the night was young
and another song was sung

and what of all those pretty tales
the ones that took me to this door
is it comfort in the salvers way,
the comfort upon this wooden floor
tell you, is it a failure to forget the ones who once held it
and i tried to remember but my mind is no longer clear

oh, you recognize me
oh,i follow from, far from the trees
oh, the woods came out, upon my knees
oh, i twisted round
i made no sound
no sound

i’ll wonder ’til my brittle bones
have succumbed and pulled me to the stone
further from the towns you’ve known
i’ll remain from where i have begun
summer before i start i was kicking home stones as a child
in the meadow when the storm came through
and i burrowed straight back to you

oh, you recognize me
oh, i follow from, far from the trees
oh, the wood came out, upon my knees
oh, i twisted round
i made no sound
no sound

and would you ever doubt my love when my day is done
i’ll lay down my body within this earth i’ve won
would you try to follow the roads i had to walk
there’s a whisper in the willow
from they, all hear me talk

here’s a live video of i will remain:

check out the beautiful and simple within the rose:

Matthew & The Atlas – Within The Rose by Stayloose

and you must have a listen to the sublimely gorgeous deadwood. talk about a banjo creating magic. swoon! so fabulous words fail me. download it and listen to it over and over again:

Matthew & The Atlas – Deadwood by Stayloose

buy to the north, the EP i will follow and within the rose is off of, HERE.

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