in which ocean carolina uses a harmonica well

so, today’s song features a HARMONICA – another one of those instruments that can make or break a song (you know what i mean – there are some that make a song a zillion times better, like accordions or banjos, but done wrong? *shudder*). it takes a subtle touch – not too much, but just enough to highlight a melody. a harmonica done right can make a song feel so intimate.

ocean carolina does just that. the band, who hails from brooklyn, has a bit of a ryan adams alt-country vibe to them. and blue, which is warmed golden by it’s harmonica, is a little slice of musical happiness. check it out:

everything will be alright
darling, blue
even if it burns out bright
i have you
when the blue skies fade gray
one of us will never say goodbye

(mp3) blue by ocean carolina

buy leave on, the EP blue is off of, HERE.

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