in which the national gives away about today

so, on the day that i’ve bought tickets to go see the national (with neko case opening!! how fricking’ amazing is that show going to be?!?) at the hollywood bowl, i find out one of my favorite songs by them is now free off of their bandcamp site!

about today, off of cherry tree, is so incredibly sad. listening to it is like listening in on a private conversation between two people in the wake of crumbling. it’s early national stuff – way before the glory of boxer and high violet – but it’s a prime example of why this band is so great. beautiful guitar work, lyrics that are emotionally dead-on, and, as always, a superb exhibition of matt berninger’s stellar voice.

i honestly don’t get why these guys aren’t huge. are typical music listeners morons or something? is britney spears REALLY more popular than a band like the national? can anyone really claim that lady gaga or justin timberlake or whoever is the flavor of the month (sorry, don’t listen to traditional radio much) are superior in any way at all than the national?

*shakes head*

on second thought – don’t even bother trying to rationalize it to me. in this opinion, the national is one of the best bands out there. i’ll just have be content in my knowledge that i am capable of seeing/knowing this when others aren’t.

so looking forward to seeing them at the hollywood bowl.

today you were far away
and i didn’t ask you why –
what could i say?
“i was far away –
you just walked away
and i just watched you.”
what could i say?

how close am i to losing you?

tonight you just close your eyes
and i just watch you
slip away

how close am i to losing you?

hey, are you awake?
“yeah, i’m right here”
well, can i ask you about today?

…how close am i to losing you?
how close am i to losing…?

and the video? HOLY HELL IS THIS VERSION AMAZING. *dies* no, really. *dies*

buy cherry tree, the album about today is off of, HERE.

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