in which the submarines sing about the darkside of love

so, today’s song isn’t a traditional love song – well, to clarify, it is about love, but it isn’t the shining example of sunshines and rainbows and happily ever after. instead, peace and hate, by the submarines, talks about real-life love: it’s messy, complex, and sometimes hard work.

the inspiration behind this song was the real-life relationship between the submarines band members john dragonetti and blake hazard – they’d broken up, but realized they were, in the end, stronger together. today they’re married and still creating lovely and meaningful music.

have a listen to this very honest, raw song:

behind the sweet
summer fade
and on a coast
not far away.

sometimes we glide
sometimes we fall
and there are times we don’t get up at all.

you had your doubts
we had our rows
said our goodbyes but now we’re taking vows

behind the sweet
summer fade
you’ll knock me down like a tidal wave.

i should be gone
cast away
but still i’d love you
through all peace and hate

in light of all
darkest things
the fire glimmers and the darkness sings….

if you should go
i won’t have you to blame for my unhappiness for darker days
when will i learn
it’s not your fault
breaking down could not be cured by breaking up.

i should be gone
cast away….

forever more
peace and hate
love and war
declare a new state….

yell and shout and kick me out
then forget what we fought about
but don’t give up
these storms are passing

(mp3) peace and hate by the submarines

check out the official video below:

buy declare a new state, the album peace and hate is off of, HERE.

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