in which the wilderness of manitoba sings about orono park

so, the wilderness of manitoba, a folk band from canada, has a really organic feel to them. tending to shy away from using electric instruments in their music, they rely instead on beautiful harmonies built around a mixture of warm, strong, clear voices (of in particular note, melissa dalton’s voice is sublime).

case in point: orono park. have a listen to the golden guitar pluckings, the voices that build upon each other, complementing the entire time, and the strong drums and piano beats that steadily create three and a half minutes of pure folk music magic.

blood boils through your veins and then
flows gently like the nile
but i will come home again tonight
flowing rivers may’ve stopped me when
when i held onto the shore
but i still chased after you tonight

(mp3) orono park by the wilderness of manitoba

the summer fires ep, which orono park is off of, will be available digitally to buy on march 22nd. go HERE to learn more.

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