in which troy & abed do an anthro rap

so, i have an undergrad degree in anthropology (with a specialization in archaeology) and used to harbor dreams of spending my adult career life on digs. and then i graduated and got crap jobs in the field that didn’t even pay me enough to cover…well, anything, really. after a strong go at trying to make it work, even at minute pay, i left archaeology and went into a better paying field. teaching! yes, i can hear your laughter now. and now i’m a SAHM and a writer and my salary is – you guessed it! ZILCH. oh archaeology, i guess i was wrong all those times i said you were the worst paying career.

ANYWAY, i digress (which, as any loyal reader can verify, i do often). the point is – community had an anthropology rap at the end of its episode last night! well, it was mostly anthropology which eventually transitioned into toto’s africa. YES, AFRICA. you know you love it. of course, i had to share it here, because of its awesomeness.

(fyi – betty white as a cultural anth prof? totally unrealistic. and the small bits of anthro she “taught?” crap. i know, i know! it’s a tv show! why am i bitching about it? BECAUSE I CAN.)

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