love by daughter

so, i’ve discussed before just how lovely daughter’s music is (go HERE and HERE to read posts about her) – for someone so young, elena tonra has such an old soul when it comes to songwriting. gloomy, morose and achingly beautiful, her songs resonate in that they reach deep down into a person. there isn’t a bit of superficiality in daughter’s music, which is a bit exhausting – but in a good way. each song is a study of emotions, each series of notes a careful construction of atmosphere.

daughter has a new EP coming out, and has released one of the songs from it for us to ogle over. a bit over six minutes and titled love (don’t be fooled – this isn’t a happy story daughter wants to tell you), it’s a rainy day song, or one fit for misty, gray days where the light is small and soft.

i can’t forget it
though i’ve tried
i know you regret it, love
you told me so many times
but i still wonder
you left with her
and left me behind

listen to and download the song from the soundcloud below:

Daughter – Love (taken from ‘The Wild Youth EP’) by ohDaughter

here’s daughter performing run on the BBC introducing stage at the reading festival this year:

those of you in the uk can go see daughter at one of the following shows this coming december:

6th Dec @ Bristol, Cube Cinema

7th Dec @ London, St Giles In The Fields

8th Dec @ Manchester, Deaf Institute

the wild youth, the EP love will come from, will be released on november 21st.

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