new book announcement! THE COLLECTORS’ SOCIETY!

Oh guys. GUYS. I am so excited to announce I have a new book coming out this fall, one that’s an Adult Fairy Tale that has a wee bit of fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk/mystery/adventure/horror, too!

So, what’s it about?

Think . . . League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + The Matrix + Romancing the Stone = The Collectors’ Society

I’ll have an official cover reveal on August 20th, along with an official blurb, but until then, there’s this:

Welcome to Wonderland.
But this isn’t Wonderland as you know it from the stories you’ve been told as a child. No . . . This is Alice and friends as you have never seen them before-all grown up. Heather Lyons is working on an Adult Fairy Tale that will keep you on your toes and aching for more.

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