Royal Marriage Market is available now!

This week, I released my first contemporary romance, Royal Marriage Market! I am so excited to share this book with you all. It’s filled with royalty, intrigue, a magical (real!) castle, three a.m. firsts, a prince that is too too, and an outspoken princess.


Every decaPrintde, the world’s monarchs and their heirs secretly convene to discuss global politics and social issues—and arrange marriages between kingdoms.

Elsa may be the Hereditary Princess of Vattenguldia, but she finds the entire situation archaic and unsavory. While she wants what’s best for her country, she isn’t about to jump into an unwanted relationship—let alone a marriage—with a virtual stranger. Of course, her feelings matter little to her parents, whose wheeling and dealings over trade pacts and alliances achieved at her expense begin the moment they set foot in California for the Summit. So when a blindingly handsome royal runs into her, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him there’s no way she’s marrying him.

Christian is all too happy to agree: no marriage. As the Hereditary Grand Duke of Aiboland, his main goal is to get through the summit without a bride being foisted on him. Which is why he suggests they help each other field potential intendeds. As Christian slowly gets to know Elsa, though, he realizes they have a lot more in common than just their feelings about the Royal Marriage Market. Only he can’t fall for her, because royal or not, they’re not meant for each other.

Elsa and Christian will have to evaluate matters of the heart verses those of state and crown, and decide whether or not tradition trumps love.

There is a special introductory ebook price of $1.99 until December 23rd–and then the price will rise. If you want to read it cheap, now’s the time! Here are the ebook links:

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For those who want the paperback, here’s where you can get them:

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A lot of reviewers are mentioning that one of the settings, Hearst Castle, feels like a character of its own. For those of you unfamiliar with this beautiful site, it is, indeed, real and located on California’s Central Coast near the small town of San Simeon (outside of Cambria). Built in 1918 and designed by Julia Morgan, the estate belonged to William Randolph Hearst, one of the United State’s premier newspaper magnates. While the name, Hearst Castle, brings forth the imagery of a singular structure, the estate (nicknamed La Cuesta Encantada) is actually comprised of a main house (Casa Grande) and three guest houses/cottages (Casa del Mar, Casa del Monte, and Casa del Sol). They call them cottages, but they are actually huge houses in their own rights! The estate features two lavish pools (the Neptune Pool and the Roman Pool) as well as gorgeous coastal gardens filled with art, a tennis court, and barracks. When Hearst inhabited the property, there was also a zoo (zebras still wander the property). Considered one of the elite travel destinations in the early twentieth-century, many celebrities and famous figures coveted invitations from Hearst in order to visit. Presidents, actors, and politicians were regulars, and often enjoyed the movie theatre situated in Casa Grande.

Hearst_Castle_panoramaThe property, itself, was designed by the first premier American female architect, Julia Morgan. Incorporated in the Spanish designs are actual European antiques and works of art–and if Hearst liked something enough, he would have a cast made so the statue (for example) might be reproduced throughout the estate.

Hearst Castle is now owned by the State of California and is open to the public for tours. I have been several times, including for research, and delight in each and every tour I take. The pools are not open for swimming–the Neptune Pool is actually empty and undergoing renovations–nor is the estate normally available to stay in. If you make the trip to the castle by the sea, expect to be awed by the architecture, location, gardens, and art collections.

If you are interested in learning more about Hearst Castle, you can go HERE to the official site.


Here’s what people are saying about Royal Marriage Market . . .
“The perfect royal romance.” – Nichole Chase, NYT bestselling author
“Heather Lyons has officially charmed me. Royal Marriage Market is an indulgent read that will have you flipping pages until the very end.” – R.S. Grey, USA TODAY best-selling author

“It’s sweet and sexy, unique and endearing, and so easily devoured. -Vilma’s Book Blog

“Heather Lyons’ new book, Royal Marriage Market, is a beautiful story that whisks you away to a dream world set in modern times. This story give us an alluring peek into the lifestyles of the young and sexy, rich and royal. I devoured this contemporary romance and am still thinking about –the richly developed characters, the unique storyline, and the romance that leaves you wanting more long after this standalone is over. Lyons give us a world filled with intrigue, passion, and beautiful settings.” -S.L. Scott, New York Times bestselling author


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