the force is strong in these two boys

so, this conversation happened yesterday as we drove home. . .

andrew: i want to blow my harmonica.
me: no – it’s too loud for the car.
andrew: i WANT to. NOW.
me: well, i want a million dollars.
andrew: you no get a million dollars!
me: well, that’s true. i’d still like it.
andrew: no! NO! no million dollars. i don’t like it. i don’t want it.
aidan just chortles at all of this.

ha, little buddy! fyi, he still never got the harmonica back. instead, he had to console himself by playing with chewbacca. yes, my boys are star wars fans, and by star wars i mean the REAL star wars. none of this clone wars stuff (oh, alright, i did cave and get a clone wars coloring book because there were no regular, or legacy as they’re now referred to, ones available). by the way – i took a chance on the new clone wars cartoon over on cartoon network, and none of us could make it through one episode. it was way too creepy looking.

anyway, we’ve had star wars shirts for the boys for some time now – mostly as nostalgic items for us adults. while we were constantly asked who was who on the shirts, the boys never seemed to take a true interest until a little over a month ago. and then, it was just WHAM. star wars fever. i’m still not quite sure what brought it all about, but they are now big fans who request the movies (and by movies i mean episodes 4, 5, and 6) frequently. it doesn’t really matter which one we watch, although a new hope seems to disappoint just a tad because it is yoda free. there is a lot of love towards yoda, as well as chewbacca, jabba, c3-po, r2-d2, and darth vader. luke and han? fuhgeddaboutit.

we’re still debating if we should break down and show phantom menace. i know the boys will love jar jar binks – as only children can – but it’s just, well, so very very bad. the husband won’t even allow the third movie to be bought – he feels it destroyed darth vader so completely as a character with that horrible “noooooooo!!” scene. c’mon. you know the one. you probably burst out laughing in the theatre during it, and then just shook your head sadly during further watches.
vis vobiscum, boys!

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