The novellas are coming! The novellas are coming!

Hi everyone! I am so, so thrilled to be sharing some super exciting news with you today.

One of the things that I hear most from fans is just how much they like reading the Fate series from Jonah and Kellan Whitecomb’s point of views, despite enjoying reading from Chloe’s. I’ve posted a number of scenes from both twins’ perspectives over the last year here on the blog and on Facebook, but after reading about how much everybody loves them, I decided that posting these small scenes weren’t enough. So, friends, if you love the Whitecomb twins, I think you’ll love what I have to tell you.

Both Jonah and Kellan are getting their very own novellas!

I’ve decided to release Jonah’s POV of A MATTER OF FATE (Fate series, #1) first–you’ll be able to get it on Thursday, October 10th. Soon, right? Hooray! And then . . . A MATTER OF TRUTH (Fate series, #3 comes out on November 5th. And then . . . you’ll be able to read Kellan’s POV of A MATTER OF HEART (Fate series, #2) on Thursday, January 14th! And then . . . you’ll get AMOF 4 sometime in early spring. I’ll be releasing the title of that book, date and more info on that book after A MATTER OF TRUTH’s release in November.

Okay. Now that that exciting news is out of the way, I wanted to show you a few pictures some of my fantastic street team found recently of who they think the twins look like. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to any of these photos, nor do any of the members of my street team.

Um, yes, please.

According to Street Team Member Sarah, she sees Jonah on the left, Kel on the right. Incidentally, I once upon a time envisioned Jonah as a blonde.

J on the left, K on the right

Seriously. So Jonah, right?

I’m told the ladies don’t mind Kellan shirtless. ha!

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