video diary for DCFC/FR show at the greek

so, be warned: there will be general gushing and fangirl babble in this here post. why? because i’m recapping seeing my two favorite bands on the same night – frightened rabbit and death cab for cutie.

when i heard that frabbits were opening for DCFC, i think i did one of those snoopy dance of joy jigs. even better – it was at the greek, which is a really cool LA venue, surrounded by trees. it’s like a mini hollywood bowl, and there really aren’t any crappy seats in the house.

SO. first up are frightened rabbit. sort of slays me that more people didn’t come early to listen to them. i think they’ll eventually kick themselves, thinking, “i had a chance to see frightened rabbit, and instead drove late to miss traffic?” because, as any reader of this blog knows, the sun pretty much rises and sets on this band for me. so, so good.

note on my personal videos – the crazy thing is that we actually had really great seats, but my iphone’s video makes it look like we’re in the nosebleed section. ah well.

anyway, here’s scottish wind:

whoever shot this video was right up against the stage. yes, you can see frabbit faces! enjoy the loneliness and the scream:

they also shot my backwards walk. which, OMG, was such a gorgeous, haunting version. lovelovelovelovelove. makes me want to weep, it’s so fabulous:

on to death cab for cutie

the husband asked me later on if i liked this show or the one we saw at the hollywood bowl a few years back now better. truth be told, i am apparently easily dazzled, because with fireworks and the hollywood bowl orchestra, that show reigns in my mind as one of the best, EVER, DCFC or no, but this one here was pretty damn awesome. there were a bunch of screens behind the band that showed bokeh, driving and fire effects, which nicely highlighted their music. plus, ben gibbard is inherently extremely likable, whatwith his earnest voice, unaffected bouncy shuffle/dancing. some highlights:

here’s our video of long division:

my favorite DCFC song, transatlanticism wasn’t as visually tear triggering as it had been with fireworks at the bowl, but still swoon-worthy:

okay, OKAY. this vid is from philly and not from the show i went to. BUT, we looked like giants was so chill-producing, i had to find a copy of it to share with y’all. the middle? GAH. GAH. GAH. i’m not kidding about the chills. what a freaking amazing song live:

did you just die there, listening to that? well, live, it’s a million times better!

just found out the DCFC is coming to pomona, which is just in my backyard! woooo! obviously, the husband and i are going to try for tickets.

buy codes and keys, death cab for cutie’s latest album, HERE. then, if you’re going to make one of the tour stops, make sure you pick up a frightened rabbit EP (which is only available at the shows!). is it worth it? HELLS YEAH.

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