video for a saturday – alone (it’s not so bad)

(thanks to blogger crashing and sheer laziness, i obviously have no friday flashback this week. it’ll return in 7 short days!)

so, i am not lefthanded just released the video for their new single alone (it’s not so bad). first off, the song is fantastic.

secondly, the video is adorable.

i’m not sure if it was meant to be – after all, it stars a bunch of horror movie characters (ghosts, zombies, etc…). but rather than being scary, these things are…adorable. sweet. helpful.

a ghost ready to give you some milk after a long day? a monster under your bed kind enough to give you a book to read before sleep? zombies who will clean your car? creatures from the black lagoon who’ll give you fish for dinner? or a freddy kruger who’ll chop your vegetables as you cook said fish? check. all here.

so looking forward to the whole new album!

go HERE to buy the single. then go HERE to read an interview i did with IANL recently.

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