video for a saturday – the curse

so, i absolutely love this video because a) it fits the song perfectly, b) it’s got puppets (WHO CAN RESIST PUPPETS?), c) it’s super sad, and d) it reminds me of those rankin-bass stop-motion movies from my childhood (like mad monster party? – woot!) that i adored. plus, it’s josh ritter, who is awesome all in himself.

learn more about josh ritter HERE.

2 Comments on “video for a saturday – the curse”

  1. shel

    i absolutely adore this song. the first time i saw the video was the first time i heard the song. it just broke my little heart.

    for someone just getting on the ritter bandwagon, what cd would you suggest starting with?

  2. heather

    Either “The Animal Years” or The Golden Age of Radio.” Both have some really amazing songs on them! I really think you’ll love Josh – he’s one of the best singer-songwriters around. 🙂

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