whole bunch of chicken (ft pearl & the beard) by snakes

so, i’ve already fangirl babbled about pearl and the beard a couple times this summer. they’ve got a really amazing, eclectic sound that i’m totally digging. so i’m back today to share yet another pearl and the beard song today, only it’s a remix this time.

and friends, it’s h i l a r i o u s.

while at the heart, it’s a pearl and the beard song, whole bunch of chicken (ft. pearl and the beard – a remix of douglas, douglass) truly belongs to the comedy/rap duo snakes. billy and adam, the guys behind snakes, remind me in so many good ways of flight of the conchords, who’ve disbanded and left a hole in the satirical music world.

the album that this song comes off of, the sleepover EP, is a pretty interesting endeavor. according to the duo’s tumblr:

The parameters [to making this album] are simple.

1.Enter the studio with no lyrics written or music prepared.

2.Stay up for 24 hours making and recording music.

3.Package it, master it and share it with the world on Sunday.

and so they did.

it’s so radically immature of me, but i can’t help but giggle helplessly every time i listen to this song. i mean, honestly, peeps. it’s about CHICKEN LOVE.

douglas douglass, apple tree

have a wife, now let her be

gimme, gimme what you’ve got

i’m gonna make you what you’re not

the song makes you want to eat a whole bunch of chicken

pluck it outta bucket in the mornin’ in the kitchen

chicken when it’s lunchtime, chicken when it’s brunchtime

throw your hands up if you’re a fan of chicken!

i’m a fan of chicken, yeah i’m a fan of chicken!

this dude right here is a huge fan of chicken

i’m not being clear, it’s me who wants the chicken

so if you’re holdin’ chicken, give it up


douglas douglass, sticky pine,

have a wife, and that’s just fine.

gimme, gimme what i need,

you know i gotsta plant your seed.

chicken and amanda

kung fu panda

didn’t eat chicken, i couldn’t sand her

i made demands, i took a stand

’cause i am a man and i made her eat chicken

she had a poultry allergy

almost killer her, now amanda’s mad at me

her head is swollen, she looks like the letter B

so, i’m a letter B – let me eat chicken

douglas douglass, sticky bun

have a wife, and that’s just fine

give me, give me what i need

you know i gotsa plant your seed

c is the letter that starts the whole word

h-i is what you say when you see that fat bird

c-k-e-n, that shit’s the main event

you’re vegetarian?

then i’m sorry, that’s tough

life is short, throw a chicken in the air

it’s a celebration, the chicken doesn’t care

the chicken doesn’t scare, the chicken ain’t a chicken

the chicken’s looking for a plain boiled ass kickin’

douglas douglass, evergreen

i’ve a wife, and she’s so mean

gimme, gimme slotted spoons

you know i want to make you swoon

how you like your chicken?

just plain or with a kick in it?

maybe some fire hot sauce you can dip with it

you hold that chicken like a boss, you be grippin’ it

you need a fork or just a stick you can stick in it

i make chicken at my home, take pictures of my phone

eat a rotisserie on my own

kill that chicken meat, and start on that chicken bone

like nina simone, i’m defecating on your chicken phone

douglas douglass, sycamore

have a wife, but she’s a bore

gimme, gimme what i crave

you know i want to be your…

it’s a long way down

where’s my chicken? got to have my chicken!

it’s a long way down

where’s my chicken? got to have my chicken!

it’s a long way down

where’s my chicken? got to have my chicken!

buy the sleepover EP, the album whole bunch of chicken is off of, HERE. you can download it for free, or offer up some money if you’re feeling generous (which you really ought to do, because it’s worth it!).

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